Welcome to Ahaa! The Solid Furniture Store

Ahaa ! started its journey in 2005 and today we are very happy and proud to have over 10000 satisfied customers in the South Of India. Families across the southern region have made Ahaa ! Extremely popular amongst film stars, NRI's, Cricket players, Politicians and the who's who of the glitterati in Bangalore.

Ahaa specializes in Customized Interiors. We encourage our Customers to bring in their own designs and their dreams to us and we will make exactly what you had imagined and Yes! Most Important, if you do not like what we make for you, DON'T BUY! It’s as simple as that…… We make it mandatory for you to visit our works as and when the carpentry of your product is in progress. You have options to fine tune and customize your product at the workshop at this time. We take approvals on the workmanship on each stage of the carpentry and hence we are able to achieve what you have dreamt. No surprises! This is our store policy. 100 % customer satisfaction or your money back guaranteed.

Ahaa ! is now having retail customers in Australia, USA, Singapore and the Middle East today. The price point at Ahaa ! is so competitive that NRI’s feel that buying from Ahaa and taking to these different countries is a more economical option.